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Turn your first draft into a publishable manuscript.

Science writing

How my services will benefit you.

1. Boost your impact

Helping you publish in top-notch journals.

If you‘re looking for first-class input along the way in order to publish your research paper, or if time is short and you need someone to assist with entire steps, I offer exactly what you need.

2. Expand your reach

Making your research known to the world.

In todays world, it is just not enough to wait for your accepted paper to appear on the journal's website. In order to expand the reach of your work, I offer a variety of services based on your specific needs.

Boost your impact

Academic editing

You have a rough draft but would like professional assistance to turn it into a sophisticated piece of scientific literature? You've just found the right partner to do so.

Expand your reach

Science communication

Communicating your research findings to a non-professional audience requires a lively text free of scientific jargon – a task I will gladly perform for you.

Boost your impact

Language editing

You're one step away from submitting your article but feel that it could still use some language polishing? Bring it to me and it will be ready in no time.

Expand your reach

Video highlights

Sometimes words alone are not enough. And if a picture says more than a thousand words, how much better can content be communicated per video!

Boost your impact

Graphic design

Are you looking for someone to create high-quality figures and graphical abstracts for you? Look no more.

Expand your reach

Press releases

Make it easy for journallists to include your findings in their coverage.

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