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Neptune Water Price 2021

Sustainable use of surface waters in the Ethiopian highlands (Geda Kebede)


I am happy to announce that my colleague, Geda Kebede, from Ambo University, Ethiopia, was awarded the Neptune Water Price 2021 in the category "research".

The price was awarded for our common paper published last year. Please check out a guest blog article I wrote for the Freshwater Blog.

Human activities on the Upper Awash River, Ethiopia. Pressures on river ecosystems are especially critical where people depend on river water for recreation, washing, cooking and irrigation. Image: Wolfram Graf.

The jury sees the project as a successful example of transcontinental research in the field of water management and water use. Also, it has a high degree of sustainability, as structures and capacities in water management have been built up. The awareness raising around the improvement of water status has a high practical relevance for the local population. The jury particularly emphasized the learning effect and knowledge transfer in the field of participation.

Congratulations, Geda!


Kebede, G., Mushi, D., Linke, R.B., Dereje, O., Lakew, A., Hayes, D.S., Farnleitner, A.H., & Graf, W. (2020). Macroinvertebrate indices versus microbial fecal pollution characteristics for water quality monitoring reveals contrasting results for an Ethiopian river. Ecological Indicators, 108, 105733. DOI: 10.1016/j.ecolind.2019.105733

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